The Father says today that your task is to be about your Father’s business. When I was in My earth walk I didn’t wait for complete maturity or opportunity to be about the Father’s business. Still a young boy I was yet in a growth pattern when I put Myself in the very heart of religious opposition and boldly spoke My Father’s wisdom to the very men who would conspire to bring about My death. Stop waiting for the perfect occasion or perfect maturity. Waiting and watching for the perfect moment will rob you of your testimony and deny you the early victories that are your portion from My hand.

It is time to step up says the Father. It is time to set caution aside and refuse to be a careful failure. Timidity is not a virtue when your breakthrough is a breath away. Do not yield to intimidation or the considered opinion of those who have never and will never endorse acts of audacious faith. Failure is not an option says the Father. I am with you and I will never forsake you. Be bold and of a good courage and this day you will take the victory and the enemy will leave the field in shame and defeat!

What Others are Saying:

Thank you for your prophetic words, i  listened to the recording more than 5 times today, and every time i listen to it, i cried hearing God’s words. Thank you for your prayer pastor, I really appreciate it, please pray for me so that I could meet my future husband one day as God wants me to be together. I would love to see what God has planned for me would come true one day. thanks. God Bless!

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  • Alison says:

    Oh my gosh. In 2008, another prophet spoke over me and said, “When you are about the Father’s business, I will bring you your Isaac.” God has already shown me prophetically in 7 visions and in 2 dreams specifically who it is. I will have to wait on it, though. I think that I am about to step out in the next year to do what God has called me to do here in California in the music industry. This word is a confirmation! Thanks!

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