DSC07100The Father says today that I am leading you by My peace and by My joy. Reasoning and logic and man’s understanding will not take you where I have intended you to go this day. It will be necessary to set aside the rigid, structured approach to problem solving that you have applied in the past. Miracles are not rational. You will not birth the miracles you long for with a slide rule and a calculator. My thoughts are not your thoughts and My ways are past finding out by intellectual inquiry

You are going to have to get detached from your sense-ruled mind in order to cooperate and to align yourself with My plan and my purpose. There is a radical shift coming up in your life in the coming year. I will be the originator but it falls upon you to be the initiator by your obedience to My voice. It will be frustrating to feel like you’re not in control. Do you trust Me? Let Me take it from here. Let Me take you where your head will not go. Let me take you where your heart will soar to ascendency in My kingdom. It is time. This is your hour and not another. Trust Me and step out beyond feet and hands and let your wings take you aloft in My purposes.

What Others are Saying:

Greatly thanking God for your ministry and for the blessings through it. The daily word from the Father is a higher level addition. Praise the Lord! The presentation transers the fear of the Lord into me as a reader. The message enriches. It is authentic and Holy Spirit connected. The works of God in His word through you are taking place in the world. Some of these news things are rejected and the servants of God are being persecuted. When the Father addresses these issues in His word through you, these misjudged and maligned brethren are greatly comforted and encouraged. May you and all the beloved in the Lord around you be comforted and encouraged by these words of gratitude to the glory of God. Thank you!

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  • nic says:

    Thank you Jesus.

  • Aline Kruijthoff says:

    This word is so accurate and connected to a personal prophecy I received a few weeks ago (about two shifts that are going to take place next year). Particularly the sentence: “Trust Me and step out beyond feet and hands and let your wings take you aloft in My purposes.Last week I read Isaiah 40, and today and yesterday I stumbled upont the songs “Fly” and “Wait upon the wind” written and sung by Jason Upton. Afterwards I read this prophecy. Thankyou! God is giving me new revelations. I really want to fly. Sometimes my mind still gets in my way but this prophecy is so encouraging. It is all about the Father’s heart! Your ministry has been a blessing in times of need! Be blessed for letting your words be inspired by the Holy Ghost/Ruach HaKodesh. Shalom.

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