DSC07041The Father says today don’t look at the darkness, look at the morning spread on the mountains. Dark days come and dark days go but My faithfulness is the one constant that will shield and protect and provision you from every challenge. Do not allow the threats of the enemy and the evil reports of shortsighted men cause you to react or to be alarmed in any way. Am I not the water from rock? Am I not the manna every morning? In your life I will continually be the cloud by day and the fire by night. I will ward off and remove far away from you the scourge that flies at noon day and the terror that lurks by night.

He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh says the Father. Where do you take your seat this day? Are you in the observation tower of the natural perspective that sees only problems? Did I not command in My word that you not set ANY evil thing before your eyes? The evil report is not INFORMATION it is a tissue of lies impugning the faithfulness of My character. Failure is not an option when you are in Me and I am in you. What is there to fret about? Set aside and wholly reject the threat conscious, fear mentality that others are emulating and take upon you My mind. Let the MIND be IN YOU that was in Me when I walked the earth. Let the CHRIST MIND release the true clarity that leads to answers and victory and empowerment in your life today over every obstacle.

What Others are Saying:

I truly thank God for the prophets Russ and Kitty the words that have come out of your mouth thus saith The Lord has always been right on target. I expect my miracles as I reflect on the prophetic, may god forever bless these prophets and cover them in the precious blood of Jesus Amen…

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  • nic says:

    Amen praise you.

  • Drexel Green -Brown says:

    Sometimes I just cry because your worfs are so accurate regarding how I’ve been feeling especially regarding my sons current situation . I have been down hearted because of the lies of the devil. Thank you for the encoraging words

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