DSC05083The Father says that some people love me with all their heart and some people love me with their mind. You are in a season where you are loving Me with your mind. You have wondered have you erred or failed in some way because you have not sensed My presence as before. This is by My design and My purpose. You haven’t done anything wrong. There are seasons when I withdraw My manifest presence that I might capture your mind and teach you the revelatory things that escape you when you are distracted by My glory. This will not last says the Father. Relax and open your mind and delve into My word. There will come the moment when those seemingly dry words will leap to living truth and life and you will see the answers you have been crying out for in times past.

In some ways you have sold yourself short when it comes to quality of the intellect and I put on the inside of you says the Father. There are times that you wish you could have excelled in My knowledge beyond that which you actually did but it wasn’t that you could not learn. I am about to excite you, I am about to bring the epistles before you in a revelatory way and open the windows of heaven. I will cause the breath of the Holy Spirit to fill and to flood the room where you sit before Me. Allow me to teach you. Allow me to take your mind and correct you and guide you fill you with my knowledge. I said the knowledge of the Lord will fill all the earth and my knowledge will fill all of your earth says the Father and with the knowledge comes the glory and with the glory comes transformation and miracles.

What Others are Saying:

Oh my-I am always amazed how God will speak through HIS servants to get the correct direction-I would have gone looking to the speaker instead of just basking in the anointing of God-He is such an Awesome God all I want to do is sit at HIS feet and learn then take what HE has shown me and pass it on–Praise and Glory to Our KING AMEN -Thank you for your obedient heart.

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  • Bettie Morgan-Coffey says:

    Praise the Lord. This is definitely a confirmation of what God was speaking to my heart this morning. Transformation and Miracles. I am expecting divine transformations and miracle in 2014. Thank You!

  • Dysheana Sanders says:

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YES LORD!!

  • Olaotan Kolade-Ola says:

    This word is so perfect for me right now. Even though I ‘ve been studying the word more, the sensation of the presence of the Holy Spirit was not there when I worshipped like in time past. Though He’s been teaching me through the epistles this mont but the sensation is also priceless. Thank God for His word that will not allow any room for d deception of the devil. God bless you for your faithfulness.

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