DSC06740The Father says today follow me and I will MAKE YOU. You are going to move from insignificance and questioning to purpose and power. I am going to use you as one to combat religious pretense and foolishness. Be strong and hold not back. Do not be hesitant to put your word and your influence on the corrupt situations I am illuminating before you. You are going to expose religious spirits and point people out of a state of hypocrisy and into deeper relationship with Me. I am imparting a mantle and a garment to you of authenticity and intimacy. It is not for you alone but it will become a tent even a spiritual firmament above and around you that many will seek out and come to fresh intimacy and relationship with Me.

I am enabling you to try those who say they are this or that or have this gift or that gift and they will be exposed as fraudulent ones. This is the day that I will no longer allow My people to be held captive or to be abused in any way. Open your mouth. Be forthright and willing. My people will be willing in the day of My power and My power is always released toward the purpose of bringing freedom and liberty to many. This is your portion and this is your authority so be quick to obey and bold to act for I am with you and I will never leave or forsake you in the midst of the fray and the battle.

What Others are Saying:

God bless you for this personal prophecy today.i listened with tears in my eyes and peace in my heart.I know this is God’s word to me and I know I would rejoice over my kids cause God says so. Thank you so much and God bless your ministry.

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  • Eric says:

    God is sooooo good! Its my birthday today and He chose to speak such an on time word to me on this day. That is amazing. His timing is perfect. My whole life I have had denominational and religiously bound people come across my path and I havent known what to say or do. I have tried talking to some here and there and they would not listen. God told me that He was going to use me to tear down religious walls and He told me that both my wife and I are prophets to the nations. This word encourages and confirms so much in my life. God bless you two for your humble and submissive hearts and your ears to hear what the Lord is saying.

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