DSC08560The Father says it is time to clean house within your cluttered heart. Clean out the clutter of half-baked plans and withered dreams. Throw out every teaching and tape and book whose spiritual expiration date is long past. I am sending fresh manna to you today. Where truth has become stale doctrine I will bring pulsating vivacious revelation. Where instruction has become wrinkled and dry I am sending succulent wisdom from My throne that will bring INSTANT CHANGE.

Transformation is much more available than you know says the Father. There are miracles awaiting the occasion of your faith that do not require any further delay or prolonged time frame.  Release the anger of misspent expectations. Lay aside the disillusionment and lies of the enemy who suggests My word cannot be relied upon. Grasp hold and extract the root of bitterness that would wrap its tentacles of contamination around your heart. It is a NEW DAY says the Father. This is a new day and a time of refreshing and renewal. Make preparation! Make preparation says the Father for this is your NOW day of visitation!

What Others are Saying:

I Bless the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY for his word through his Prophets Russel and Kitty. I pray a Wall of Fire from his throne around this ministry and I pray that soon I will be sowing the Biggest seed into this ministry that they have Ever received!

BONUS BLESSING: Guest Prophetic Word from Pam Rice:

I am calling you to come, my beloved, into the deep chambers of my love. I want you to know how high, how wide, how deep, and how unending is the freedom of my love for you. Let me wash you with my love; Let it flow over you like a waterfall of delight and let me fill you with my goodness. I am not a God of deprivation that wants you benched on the sidelines of life. No, I want you to ride on the high places with me. I want you to rule and reign in wisdom with the scepter of my righteousness raised high. I want you to laugh in the face of the enemy and dismantle all his strongholds as you put him under your feet. I want you to know me in the fullness of my majesty, glory and love for you.

I created the beauty of this world for you to enjoy and even as I gave Adam rulership over the garden…I give you rulership in this life over your earthly domain. Come into the chambers of my love and I will teach you the mysteries of my kingdom and you will come forth as that benevolent ruler, that mighty warrior, that loving magistrate who will see my kingdom come and my will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

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