DSC08554The Father says today you can set your own season in your life. If you can look to the sky and know tomorrow’s weather even so I have given you authority and insight to bring the rains of My Spirit into your own life to water the dry and thirsty lands within you. Say therefore to your eyes “be opened…” and to your mind “be enlightened…” Say to your human spirit “come forth…” even as I called forth Lazarus from the grave on the fourth day.

There are situations and broken relationships whose time you are thinking may be past the point of no return. I don’t operate within those boundaries says the Father. The past is the past so let it go. Forgive, release and bless. It is time to reset your tired and exhausted expectations and allow fresh hope and fresh fire to be rained down upon your battered dreams. Can you feel the refreshing says the Father? Can you smell the beneficial rains of My Spirit cascading down upon your parched life? It is time says the Father. Receive the refreshing.

What Others Are Saying:

Thank you for this amazing and wonderful ministry!  I have been helped, blessed, encouraged, and my faith has been strengthened through both the daily prophetic words and through personal prophecies through this ministry.  God truly does provide us with the answers and help we need and this ministry is proof of that.

BONUS BLESSING – Guest Prophetic Word from Leisa Coburn:

The Father says to you today to unfasten yourself from the seatbelts of seasons past because you are now stepping onto My Glory Train and the ride is about to begin! Are you ready? I have been waiting for this hour and My Glory Train is ready for take-off! All aboard this Glory Train! The time to ascend into My Glory is here! Buckle up and prepare for the ride of a lifetime!

Now hang on tight and don’t let go because you are getting ready to fly and to soar My heavenly realms! I will take you places on this Glory Train that will amaze you and astound you! You will become so one with this Glory Train that is going to accelerate you into the…”more than you can ask or think!” You will wear My Glory and everywhere you are you will impart My Glory! Get ready for the ride of your lives for Glory Train is about to take off! Once you take off you cannot get off, but trust Me says the Father. Those who get on this ride of a lifetime will not want to get off! It will be the most glorious decision you ever made when you step onto My Glory Train!

I am calling…ALL ABOARD!

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  • lilah says:

    Glory Glory Glory! !!! I literally lived this word yesterday. …the pharisee tried to destroy my destiny in God…but no way God said….and the Father said to me YOU WILL LOVE NO MATTER WHAT…SO THAT EVEN THE PHARISEE WILL BE SAVED!!!! ITS TIME FOR MY RESTORATION…

  • Bettie Morgan-Coffey says:

    Yes! All aboard my true and faithful servants.
    God does not share his glory with just anyone so prepare yourselves for the blessings of these prophecies so freely given by God’s chosen vessels today. Prepare yourselves for your eyes to “be opened…” and for your mind to be enlightened. Return unto me and I will return unto you saith the Lord! (Jesus said you must count the cost to follow him. Are you ready?).

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