DSC04628The Father says today that all things are possible ONLY BELIEVE. Unbelief will hinder and dampen your connection to My power and strength. Set aside thoughts of hindrance and impediment. Ask and it shall be given. Seek and you will find. You are where your attention takes you. Put your attention upon Me and you will experience all that I am and all that I am willing to be in this moment right now.

I am your healer. I am your provider. I am your protector and your joy unspeakable and full of glory. I have placed My glory within you and I am meeting your needs out of the riches of that glory. In the glory IN YOU is the full inventory of every prayer you will ever pray. So pray into the glory and call forth that glory within you and it WILL make a difference and it will – My glory WILL dismantle every curse of the enemy against your life.

What Others Are Saying:

Good day Pastor, my name is Marie-Louise, and I am form SA. A few months back I believe Holy Spirit lead me to your daily word. I am amazed how Abba Father use you to speak into my life. I want to thank you for your daily word. You do make a difference in peoples lives through your obedience to the voice of the Holy Spirit! Our God is an Awesome God!! Blessings Marie.


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  • Moses Moate says:

    Good morning Prophet, i am fighting every effort of doubt working against my faith in the Lord and i pray that i may receive more and more strength as i absorb my daily prophecy to believe by fire by force.Thank you Prophet,may the good Lord continue to bless you more and more.

  • Kate H says:

    This word is like a confirmation word. Since no one knows whats ailing me I had decided yesterday that since no one knows I would ask Holy Spirit who is within me to fix me instead so the “It” you refer to in this word is the Holy Spirit for He is that glory that is within me! So thank you for this word coming from the throne room!

  • Bettie Morgan-Coffey says:

    GLORY!! What a powerful message. Your prophecies from the Father keeps me on fire for the Lord. My saved Father in Law passed away on Easter. The hospital had called and told the family to gather around for his last moments here on earth but I told my husband to go ahead and to drop me off at church. As a Prayer Partner at Church where I attend it is not the norm for one to be slain in the spirit but when I prayed for a young girl she was overcome BY THE POWER OF GOD and was slain in the spirit. She just laid there in the GLORY while God did a work on her. It’s amazing what happens when we choose to FOLLOW JESUS no matter what is going on in our lives. I thank God for the anointing on Father’s Heart Ministry. GLORY BE TO GOD!

  • Aline Kruijthoff says:

    Dear Russ and Kitty, I need to share again…as I feel led…I am in awe again and see so much more how He again and again is comforting and comfoting me and other believers thourh your prophetic ministry – which is all about touching our hearts with the heart of the Father above! After I read this prophecy Jesus (again!!)led me to a song called “Prayers of the Righteous” in which is sung “When we pray, we believe we receive what we asked. In His Name all things are possible. When we pray, we tap in to miraculous things. And victoriously we declare that we know that the prayers of the righteous availeth much. His love never fails.” Also, when I was listening to the song I was reading through some notes… I read over a word I received from God on 24th of february 2014 in which (among other things) He told me “You don’t know where the deeper level will take you to. It is new and unfamiliar so it is exciting too. But know that when you lay down your own strenght, I can fill you with My strenght and My hope. I will carry you deeper dan you could ever have accomplished in your own strenght. And in that deep calls to deep you will get to know My deepest treasures and guidance for your future. With Me everything is possible. I already told you this when I woke you up with the song “alles is mogelijk (dutch song; in English it means “everything is possible”) early in the morning. Rest in me my daughter, My beloved. You are Mine. I am Yours, listen to My voice, a voice out of thousands, Yeshua”. Thanks again for this prophecy which is paralleling the song and the first word I ever received in my own words (in Dutch) on february 22th this year :-)! I took out a pencil and just began to write down the things He put in my thoughts. I am in awe how He later on reminds me of this word He gave me throuth this prophecy about the fact that all things are possible in Him. Blessings, Aline. I feel so connected with you two true prophets of the Lord most High, though I never even saw you… in faith we are connected :-). Shalom, Aline.

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