Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 5.43.23 PMThe Father says today that as I brought abundance from a void of nothingness in the beginning – so I am bringing abundance from the void of your own life. You have felt empty and void but know this says the Father – I am in that void. I am in the void in your life and I am speaking and manifesting and bringing about in your behalf the fullness of My blessing that you might know it and partake of My favor as the ground state of your being.

You are a creature formed and fashion to live, move and breathe in the realm of making the impossible – POSSIBLE. I haven’t merely called you to be a possibility thinker says the Father, I am calling upon you to see yourself, your human spirit as a dynamic force bringing life and blessing and substance from brokenness and despair. That is who I AM in you and from My dwelling place in your life I will make manifest the Edenic environment of fullness, favor and blessing.

What Others Are Saying:

Brother Russell, when I was reading this word, my heart started to cry with the depths of love our father has for his children. when we feel we are sitting in a dark place called hell in our life. When we want to do the fathers work n feel like we are doing/going anywhere, cuz it seems like no doors are open no matter, how hard/long we pray. even start to doubt if it is just out of our flesh but longing to do something so meaning for his kingdom. so, thank u for the words of encouragement to keep the faith. blessings in Jesus name. much love in him~your sister in Christ.

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  • Linda Vega says:

    Prophet Russ and Kitty: What a blessing you are to many in the kingdom. This word was on point as those of us who truly seek to do great things to fund the gospel continue to contend for our faith. My business partner and I are standing in faith for a large closing on tomorrow. Please know Fathers Heart Ministry is at the top of the list for donations. Stand with is in faith to see the manifestation of this large deal closing on tomorrow. We love you and pray for you. Love Linda and Raymond Vega

  • jennifer botes says:

    Because of the situation of homelessness reAding your message each day gives me hope that God does think like this about me + my kids,todays message touched the deepest part of me + l cryed please God let this be for me today let this be real to us now

  • Moses Moate says:

    Indeed the void in me is being filled as i read todays message. My day has being filled with assurance and truthful promise of life in God. Thank you God for the Prophet your messenger and trusted servant.

  • Marie-Louise says:

    Good day Pastor, my name is Marie-Louise, and I am form SA. A few months back I believe Holy Spirit lead me to your daily word. I am amazed how Abba Father use you to speak into my life. Many times I tell myself I am not going to read your message for a few days, just to see that all previous messages is in line. The last two years of my life was a hard and difficult time, as I believed the Lord sent a spesific man my way, but since then my life is upside down nothing make sence to me. He is from America. (We never met in person. It was a internet friendship). But I sold my house and borrowed money to help him financialy. We don’t communicate any more. It was a difficult disission,as I believed the Lord send this man into my life. Well nevertheless. I want to thank you for your daily word. You do make a difference in peoples lives through your obedience to the voice of the Holy Spirit! Our God is an Awesome God!! Blessings Marie

  • HEIDI says:

    Praise you Father God ! I give you thanks and praise for all your Blessings upon my life. This word today is speaking strongly within my heart and spirit. Thank You for his precious words of truth to the Body of Christ.
    Love Heidi

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