Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 5.54.43 PMThe Father says today that I am not on a budget therefore you are not on a budget. Oh yes there is the natural side of things that must be administrated but at the end of the day your life is bounded only by My boundlessness. Your strength is measure by My right arm and your limitations are established by the parameters of My limitlessness. I want you to factor in My limitlessness and boundlessness into every decision that you make.

You see says the Father I have a ways and means committed deployed in your life to bring out your highest heart’s desire. Set your attention upon THAT and not upon limited resources. I am in the bow of your boat and will bring you to “peace be still” territory. Be at peace. Refuse to have little faith. Speak to the storm and the adversity. Will it not obey you as it would obey Me? I have put My words in your mouth. I am underwriting your prayers. You will not be disappointed.

What Others Are Saying:

WOW PROPHET RUSS….Your message from the Father on 3/14/14 has started a chain of events that have been breathtaking. As I looked through my mail today I found a magazine that had on the front cover “Need to get Unstuck”? And I opened a letter that said Yes, you can have hope in every circumstance that God has a wonderful, extraordinary, greater than you can imagine future in store for you, a full life overflowing with His Peace and Joy…these words are just a reflection of the Father’s heart that you express to us daily. YES, I DO, REJOICE AND AFFIRM IN YOUR LOVE FOR ME FATHER through your chosen vessels and i appreciate everything you do for us in Jesus’ name…AMEN.

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  • Dysheana Sanders says:

    The name that God gave me for my ministry is “NO MORE BOUNDARIES Ministries” YES LORD!!

  • ELizabeth Cochran says:


    I promise GOD is speaking to me everyday through your Word….There is not a day that I do not get inspiration from your prophecies. It the first thing I do in the morning is to LOOK to see What the Father says today, its uncanny how it always fits my life in someway. GOD is a great GOD and I give him all the praise and thank him for giving people like you and Kitty the blessing for him to speak through. The last time I requested a prophecy from you all I had just began my spiritual journey and of course I was being impatient. One morning when I was just completely at my wits end and thought everything was falling apart and my prayers going unheard, I got on my computer and there was my Word from God through you. and of course it was over the thirty days you all had promised LOL….I fell to the floor weeping, it was so spot on. Seven fold and Seven years was my word. God is an on time GOD. He knew I needed to learn patience and he taught me that through your ministry. I donate when I can. Thank you and God Bless.

    Always Thankful


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