Alan and Rosy and their handsome sons Josh and Jacob

An Incredible Miracle Testimony: Healed of Cancer!

Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever! No matter what challenges you face God is a prayer answering God. Recently we had the privilege to stand with our friends Alan and Rosy Thorne against a cancer diagnosis. Alan and Rosy are both medical doctors which gives their testimony a unique and outstanding character.

If you are suffering with cancer or some other terminal or incurable condition take heart! We have seen the dead raised, bodies healed and we want you to know that you are not alone. Read on below for Rosy and Alan’s miracle report in their own words:

Rosy and Alan:

Hi Prophets Kitty and Russell,
I couldn’t wait to seat down in front of this computer to write you an e-mail testifying of a powerful miracle that we witness and celebrated today. Well, this is how it goes. Alan got a ct scan and by incidental findings they saw a mass of 8.5 cm occupying his left kidney, compatible with a malignant tumor or kidney cell carcinoma. He saw a urologist over in Montana and they said that was malignant. He decided to come home to take care of the problem from here. We went to a very good specialist here in Sugar Land at the Methodist Hospital, which after he examined Alan and saw the written ct scan report and saw with his own eyes the cd that he brought from Montana, he definitively said that no doubt the mass was malignant compatible with carcinoma of the kidney, and recommended surgery to remove the left kidney, adrenal gland, and fatty pad.

We of course went through a very stressful experience that a decree of death was given over my husband life. This is when I informed you about it. Right after I requested prayer from you, and I placed Alan’s request at the War Room you had last week or so. It really worked!!! He had surgery and his left kidney (nephrectomy) was performed. The surgery was a success, the recovery fast, and stable.

Today we had an appointment with the specialist to hear the final report after the surgery We went today to this consultation with expectations, knowing that God no matter what he heard our prayer, that his loves never fails. For our surprise the doctor said today that IT WAS NO CANCER, but a very rare benign tumor! the rest of the report came real good. Completely negative for cancer!

The urologist was looking embarrass like he made a mistake on the diagnosis; but we all know that it was what it was. A ct scan, a doctor in Montana, then in Houston, and even Alan and I were agreeing on the diagnosis based on the findings and description of the mass. But the love of our father never fails.

Thank you for your back up in prayer, we saw and witnessed the hand of our God Almighty at working a living miracle for our family in Alan. We are now even more excited with what God is doing in our lives.

The doctor looked surprised at us and tried to explained that the final pathological report is completely different to what they believed it was. I rejoice on the Lord and we wanted you to know and be part of this celebration!

We had 4 doctors in total including us assuring the diagnosis based on the clinical findings and ct scans report. This is a testimony to blow peoples mind specially those that are still wondering in the faith, or even to those that are in a desperate need of a miracle in their lives.

I believed God for a miracle, I personally prayed asking God for an extension of his life, I petitioned him to add days to his days and years to his years, that day I felt his presence strongly and the approval of our LOVING FATHER, approving, signing, and releasing the answer. I also performed a prophetic act by his hospital bed the next day of the surgery, as an act of faith to seal the miracle that I had believed for in the presence of our Pastors and sons and I also activated him into his ministry to bring fulfillment of Gods purpose into his life, for that reason I’m calling this season in Alan’s life ‘FULFILLING HIS DESTINY’, that is the reason and the purpose of the extension of his days to fulfill his destiny according to Gods designs and purpose in Heavens!!!

The ct scan by details narrates the carcinoma even with central necrosis, 8.5cm and another one growing next to it almost 2cm. The surgeon said that was NO DOUBT of the malignancy. They removed 2 pounds of tissues, tumors, kidney, adrenal glands, and fat pad which is part of the kidney too, and part of the ureter. No surgeon will perform that kind of surgery without reasons.

The new report after the surgery shows that even the necrosis that was reported in the previous exams wasn’t there, Jesus changed the diagnosis with a new full description from a malignant renal cell carcinoma to a very rare benign oncocytoma. Not limited to only that, the blood pressure became stable for the first time after years of treatment with a combined therapy of strong medicines at high doses. None of the risks or complications that implies a surgery like that was able to take place in his body. And the other kidney obeyed and took the load of work after the absence of the other kidney, which is alone a testimony. He is loosing wait and becoming more physical fit than ever before.

I have been feeling strongly in the spirit for the last few months that our God is wanting us to move deeper in the manifestations of powers of the Holy Spirit – to believe when He said that we were going to do even greater things than Jesus did. But we have to ascend in our faith, renew our mind and not just that but to transform it into HIS KINGDOM’S MIND. Jesus was set with a kingdom mind that’s why was able to operate of kingdom works, and HE had kingdoms results… This is and will be his signature of his love, of his powers, and of his kingdom this days for those that had believed in him to that dimension. This manifestations of powers will attract more people in a faster accurate and productive way on these last days of soul harvesting and revival of power!

A million thanks to both of you, for the unconditional love that we found in you, the spiritual back up when the enemy declared war against us, for your support in prayer/WAR ROOM PRAYER, because it was a real war and now a real VICTORY!

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