Morning Light – July 11th, 2014: With God on the Mountain! (Video)

Today:[Exodus Chapter Twenty-Four] With God on the Mountain! The Cloud of God’s Presence is available to you today as it was centuries ago. In this chapter, Moses and the elders of Israel approach the mountain of God and make sacrifice. They see “the God of the Israel” in His raw glory and are invited to sit, eat and drink in his presence.

Morning Light – July 10th, 2014: The Angels of His Presence! (Video)

Today:[Exodus Chapter Twenty-Three] The Angel of His Presence. As the Angel of the Lord went before the Israelites so the Angel of God’s Presence goes before you. In this chapter God instructs Moses and the people regarding how to conduct their lives in light of the reality of angelic activity around them.

Morning Light – July 9th, 2014: The Political Sovereignty of God (Video)

Today:[Exodus Chapter Twenty-Two (Continued)] The Political Sovereignty of God. When a thief is discovered the owner is required to bring the loss to the judge. If we accept loss and the encroachment of the enemy we STAY the hand of GOD. The nation of Israel was warned not to molest the immigrant, or the widow, the prisoner or the orphan. What are the consequences on our nation if our policies abuse those God’s word commands us to protect?

Morning Light – July 8th, 2014: Receive the Double Portion! (Video)

Today:[Exodus Chapter Twenty-Two] Expose the enemy, receive the double portion. Laws concerning trespass. When you identify the thief you will receive full restoration of all that is lost. In this chapter we see the clear promise of God to restore all that the enemy of your soul has taken ONCE he is exposed. A powerful teaching on how to expose the enemy and reclaim the spoil and the blessing of God over your life.

Morning Light – July 7th, 2014: Free from the Law! (Video)

Today:[Exodus Chapter Twenty-One (Continued) Are we subject to the Law of Moses today? Laws concerning manslaughter covered. Cities of refuge established. Consequences of mistreatment of parents. Laws concerning abuse of servants / employees. The higher law than “eye for an eye” established by Christ.

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