Morning Light – March 18th, 2016:  Is Heaven Our Only Hope?

Morning Light – March 18th, 2016 Today: [Job Fourteen] Is Heaven Our Only Hope? In this chapter Job laments the brevity of life and longs for death. He sees life on earth as nothing but trouble and accuses God of holding Himself aloof from man’s pitiful state of pain and heartbreak. Is this true? Many believers adopt this way of thinking. They see life as a struggle and set their sights on muddling through until they go to heaven. On the surface this can be seen as a godly viewpoint – but is it compatible with gospel truth? [Job 14:1-22 … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – March 17th, 2016: May We Rightly Question God?

Morning Light – March 17th, 2016 Today: [Job Thirteen] May We Rightly Question God? In this chapter Job continues his reply to Zophar who has attacked him savagely. Job insists that he is upright. He insists that his punishment is no indication that he is in sin or guilty in anyway. In frustration we will see Job command his 3 friends to be silent and then Job turns and demands an audience in the courts of heaven to make the case before God regarding what a just and godly person he is. When we cry out “why God” in the … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – March 16th, 2016:  Did Job Commit Blasphemy?

Morning Light – March 16th, 2016 Today: [Job Twelve] Did Job Commit Blasphemy? In this chapter Job answers the accusations of Zophar, his third and most vehement critic. In so doing we find that it is difficult to distinguish the character of Job’s words from those of his friends. The only differentiation between Job’s diatribes and that of his friends is that his friends accuse Job and Job on the other hand accuses God Himself. Did Job blaspheme? [Job 12:1-25 KJV] 1 And Job answered and said, 2 No doubt but ye [are] the people, and wisdom shall die with … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – March 15th, 2016: Can God Break His Own Word?

Morning Light – March 15th, 2016 Today: [Job Eleven] Can God Break His Own Word? In this chapter we meet the 3rd of Job’s friends who have come to “comfort” him in his suffering. Zophar insists that God is not knowable because one can never anticipate what He will do next. Is this true? Does God answer our prayer one time and choose not to answer another time even though we have the plain promise of His word? Will God EVER say NO to what the cross says YES to? Many theologians and teachers believe that God can and does … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – March 14th, 2016:  Was it Necessary for Job to Suffer?

Morning Light – March 14th, 2016 Today: [Job Ten] Was it Necessary for Job to Suffer? In this chapter Job insists that God is plaguing him unfairly. Job’s friends on the other hand insist that Job is in sin otherwise he would not be going through all of his trouble. Which is correct? Is Job a righteous man being tested by God? Or is he in sin and being punished by God? Is this God, or the Devil? Or is there another place where Job’s vulnerability to suffer originates that could suggest that none of what he went through was … (click link or title to continue)