Morning Light – September 16th, 2014: Cleansed from Guilt (Video)

Today: [Leviticus Chapter Seven] Cleansed from Guilt by the Blood of Jesus. Moses receives laws concerning preparation of the trespass or “guilt” offering. Each offering was very personal and each offering involved shedding of blood. Our works or efforts at compensation do not move the hand of God but the blood of Christ in our behalf moves mountains in our lives.

Morning Light – September 15th, 2014: To Catch a Thief! (Video)

Today:[Leviticus Chapter Six] Today: To Catch a Thief! In Leviticus chapter six God gives Moses laws relating to lying and theft. Under the law when a lie was exposed or a theft revealed the culprit was required to pay back with 20% added on. Satan is a master at blaming his work on God himself. When you expose the lie of the enemy against the character of God restitution and restoration of all that was lost must be made. The chapter goes on to discuss the portion of offerings and sacrifices that were to be rendered up to the priests. … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – September 12th, 2014: Receive Cleansing – Move on in Victory (Video)

Today:[Leviticus Chapter Five] Today: Receive Cleansing Move on in Victory. Many times sin and failure causes us to withdraw from God in shame. In the Old Covenant every transgression was an occasion of moving toward God and not away from him. When we fail we are to come TO God offering Jesus as our trespass offering. In Leviticus chapter five Moses receives further instruction regarding the sin offering. There are consecration offerings, peace offerings, and sin offerings as part of Hebrew worship in the tent of the tabernacle. Each one of them involves sacrificial blood. Blood is the basis of … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – September 11th, 2014: Mercy is God’s First Response (Video)

Today:[Leviticus Chapter Four] Mercy is God’s First Response. In this chapter we come to the third kind of sacrifice, that of the sin or trespass offering. We have looked at the consecration offering and the peace or covenantal offering, now we come to the sin offering. The mention is made of “sinning in ignorance”. How does God deal with sin? God’s response to sin is to extend his mercy and provide means of returning to fellowship and relationship with Him through the shed blood of Christ. Even as His first response to sin is mercy even so our first response … (click link or title to continue)

Pity Extinguishes the Anointing

A friend of our ministry works in a food pantry dealing with people every day from the dregs of society. Many have no stove, no refrigerator, little of the necessities of life. She ministers to them but struggles with the bitterness and rebellion she often sees as they demand that she serve them on her terms. She asked this question: “How do I pray for them and still lay this down and not carry that burden…” Here was my answer: “How to lay down the burden… I have a apostle friend who stands before 10’s of thousands in Nigeria and … (click link or title to continue)

Global Communion Sept 2014 – a Medichurch.net Event (Video)

Join Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden and guests Apostle Don Matison and Missionary Bob Alarid as they share on the power of the cup of Christ and take communion with you. Miracles happen when you partake of the table of the Lord in a revelational understanding of the covenant between God and man.

Morning Light – September 10th, 2014: Friendship with God in the Peace Offering (Video)

Today:[Leviticus Chapter Three] Friendship with God in the Peace Offering. In this chapter we learn about a form of sacrifice called the peace offering. In the peace offering we are acknowledging that Jesus is our peace and we are pursuing covenantal friendship with God even as Abraham did of old. The peace offering called for special handling of blood, and fat, and kidneys. These were considered the choicest parts of the animal and reflected giving God the best of ourselves even as God has given us His best in Jesus Christ.

Morning Light – September 9th, 2014: Becoming a Salted Offering to God (Video)

Today:[Leviticus Chapter Two] Becoming a Salted Offering to God. In Leviticus two we find instruction regarding the grain offering. The grain offering is the only offering that was seen as an “offering of the soul”. In giving the grain offering God saw it as literally giving your soul to God. The grain offering was required to be offered with salt, oil, and frankincense. This speaks to us of the wholesome restoration and balance God wants to bring into your life as you offering yourself to him. A very encouraging message today.

Morning Light – September 8th, 2014: Made One in the Sacrifice (Video)

Today:[Leviticus Chapter One] Made One in the Sacrifice. The tabernacle of Moses was six months in the making. It is now set up and the people are gathered as God speaks to Moses out of the Glory. What would God say? Perhaps to their surprise everything that God says to Moses is about approaching near to Him in fellowship and relationship through sacrifice and blood covenant. For you this represents the sacrifice of Jesus intended for one overarching purpose – to bring you near to your God.