Prophetic Words

Prophetic Word to South Africa:

The Father says prophesy to South Africa. Oh, South Africa! I have adorned your gates with fair colors and your foundations with precious stones. I have adorned you with favor and I have poured out upon you My goodness. I have brought you to a new day and a new season. I declare to My sons and My daughters in South Africa and to those FROM South Africa who are living in other countries and in America especially that this is your kairos moment. The deeps are opening up to you – even the deeps of My Spirit to bring … (click link or title to continue)

Prophetic Word for the Year 2017

Prophetic Word for the Year 2017 This is the prophetic word from Prophet Russ Walden for the Year 2017. 2 Chron. 20:20 says “Believe the Prophets so sahll you prosper…” May this word launch you into your destiny and align yourself to God’s purpose in the coming year. TRANSCRIPTION: The Father says that 2017 is a year of refreshing, generalship and mustering out the troops of God. The year of going out in the Jubilee has been established and now comes the implementation and enforcement of return for all those things that have been apportioned to you from the throne. … (click link or title to continue)

The Net Breaking Catch is Yours!

The Net Breaking Catch is Yours! Source: Are you ready for a net breaking catch? Prophet Russ Walden examines what actually happened in John 21 when Peter and the disciples received a breakthrough in their lives that redefined their prospects and launched them into a level of supply they had been denied their whole life. If you want what you have never had before you must be willing to do what you have never done before. When you step out of your comfort zone – something miraculous will happen in your life!

Breaking the Curse of the Vow of Poverty

Breaking the Curse of the Vow of Poverty Prophet Kitty Walden breaks the curse of the vow of Poverty that has kept God’s church and God’s people bound in limitation and lack. This is a word of power that will shift your financial fortunes as you agree with it and align yourself with the implications of the promise of God now released in your life.

Prophecy to the African-American People – 2016

Prophecy to the African-American People Source: Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden minister in Baltimore, MD at Restoration Temple (Host Apostle Jean Donnel). Prophet Russ brings a special prophetic word in this session on 9/11 for the African-American peoples: Word of the Lord to the African American People God works in a time frame of history. We have just passed the 500th year that persons of African descent have been exploited on the North American continent. When Columbus navigated to the western hemisphere the Nina was piloted by an African sailor and a slave served as Columbus’ cabin boy. By … (click link or title to continue)

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