Precisely the Prophetic Conference June 12-13 with Prophet Michial Ratliff

Registration for this Meeting is Now CLOSED Join Russ and Kitty Walden in Branson, Missouri on June 12th, 13th to welcome Prophet Michial Ratliff. This is an absolutely rare opportunity for you to hear the prophet who accurately prophesied the Pensacola Revival. We have invited Michial to come and speak into the purposes of God in the earth and in the lives of those present at this conference. What else could POSSIBLY go right? Click HERE to Register! ————————————— This is a two day, three session meeting held in the Cardinal Room of the Honeysuckle Inn and Conference Center: Friday … (click link or title to continue)

New Online Prophetic Classes Begin 4/29

NEW ONLINE PROPHETIC INTERNSHIP CLASSES Begin 4/29! Online Enrollment Now Open New Course 1 Classes Begin APRIL 29TH Note: You will be prophesied to by the whole class with your enrollment! We want to invite you to activate the voice of God in your life. For those who have never taken a prophetic course before, or if you took a course but aren’t satisfied you learned everything you could then this prophetic activation course is for you! (This is the introductory course – there are advanced courses available to you later.) This 12 week prophetic course begins April 29th and this … (click link or title to continue)

Spiritual Meteorology: You Can Set Your Own Season in God!

Available Now on Amazon (link) You can set your own season in God! You can predict the spiritual climate of your life and position yourself for blessing and breakthrough. In this latest book from Prophet Russ Walden you will discover a whole new depth of understanding the 7 Spirits of God and how they related to your life and can be invoked for your blessing. There are seven JET STREAMS which make up our weather on the planet and there are also Seven Spirits of God that blow in your life. When you anticipate the wind of God the seven … (click link or title to continue)

Precisely the Prophetic Conference: March 27th in Branson, Missouri

Precisely the Prophetic – Branson, Missouri (March 27th, 2015) What is God doing in your life? It’s PRECISELY THE PROPHETIC! Join Russ and Kitty Walden in Branson, Missouri on March 27th at the Honeysuckle Inn and Conference Center (7 p.m.). Russ and Kitty will be ministering prophetically bringing insight into the purposes of God that will bring you to God’s greatest purpose and your highest heart’s desire. What else could POSSIBLY go right? ———————REGISTER NOW——————— This is a one night meeting held in the Cardinal Room of the Honeysuckle Inn and Conference Center. Personal prophetic ministry will also be conducted … (click link or title to continue)

2015 and Beyond with Father’s Heart Ministry (Video)

Casting the Vision with Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden. There comes a moment to cast the vision and make it plain regarding where God is going and where you are extending your faith. Prophets Russ and Kitty have leaned into the prophetic ministry since 2007 and reached multiplied tens of thousands with a message of hope and expectation for their lives. In this video we want you to share with us the passion we have for increasing and multiplying in this assignment from heaven to exponentially increase and promote this work of edifying, exhorting and comforting through the prophetic word.

Request Prophetic Counseling

An In-depth Personal Prophetic Experience: “A one on one connection to a veteran prophet is a rare opportunity…”  You may schedule prophetic counseling using the calendar below. This is one of those rare times that you have an opportunity to connect to a veteran prophet with a powerful anointing. Getting one on one time with a seasoned prophetic ministry is an invaluable opportunity. Many visitors request personal conversation time with Prophets Russ and Kitty. They are in fact available on a limited basis for one on one prophetic counseling. What is Prophetic Counseling? Prophetic Counseling is much like personal prophecy only more … (click link or title to continue)

Message from the Great Awakening Conference

The Great Awakening Conference exceeded all our expectations. The house was full, the excitement was palpable. People from all over the US and many from foreign countries gathered here in Branson and what a day we all shared! The hunger, the passion and the comaraderie in the Spirit was a predictor of things to come – a Coming Great Awakening! Prophet Russ Walden brought a prophetic word into events ahead regarding a new season of visitation and shaking in the earth. In the message below you will learn details, specific and how to position yourself for the good things ahead: … (click link or title to continue)

Predictions by Notable People about an Ozarks Outpouring of Revival:

“Corrie Ten Boom stated – “The Lord has told me that the center of the Christian movement in the United States will begin in Northwest Arkansas.” A year or so later, standing in a field north of Harrison and in her spirit saw angels with drawn swords five deep as far as her spiritual eyes could see as a protection of the Ozarks. Flying in a plane over the region and said that the spirit of the Lord was over this region and that it would become a place of refuge. ~ Blogger Wendy Campbell   Alan Long – Carroll County … (click link or title to continue)

Breaking Out of Desperate Situations

Breakthrough Prophetic Words
Breaking Out of Desperate Situations

A Brother wrote in asking for prayer concerning desperate health and financial situations. Many of you face the same challenges so I am sharing with you what I gave to him: “Hello (brother)… we are praying for you and your spouse … exhaustion is often what I have learned is a Python spirit. Pythons attack when we slow down, hesitate, falter in different areas of our lives in terms of seeking the kingdom. Pray into that. Regarding your financial situation when I face this I do several things: 1. Fast – fasting creates a Matt. 18 agreement between body and … (click link or title to continue)