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ARE YOU ONE IN A HUNDRED? Do you appreciate the daily prophetic word? Partner with us! Every day we reach approximately 18,000 people. Since 2009 we have ministered to over 2.2 million people! Out of that we are privileged that just over 100 people partner with us with a monthly donation. Are you one in a hundred? We think you are — partner with us today! Click on the link below for more information.  Partnership Invitation Link (Here)

Prophetic Word Feedback: Falsely Accused of Murder – set FREE by the Word of the Lord!

FEEDBACK ON A RECENT PROPHETIC WORD: FALSLY ACCUSED OF MURDER – found INNOCENT by the Word of the Lord! What a testimony from a recent recipient of a personal prophetic word: “God Bless You Prophets Russ and Kitty .. I thank God for your ministry it is filled with miracles. You prayed for my aunt 6 months ago whose son was indicted for murder (which he did not commit he was just there when it happened) You prayed for his vindication and he was released last week without out a trial and found innocent. Thank you for your sacrifice in … (click link or title to continue)

NEW Prophetic Training Resource!

Introducing our NEW Prophetic Training Resource! This course is now WEB SITE based with videos and lessons – (below) is the LINK to the NEW Web-site based Videos and Lessons! We are very excited about this MAJOR upgrade to the prophetic internship we have been doing for some time. We have graduated just under 800 students in the last three years. This new format will make things EASY and ACCESSIBLE for you – click on the link to discover more!

Sounds of Heaven on Earth – Prophetic Soaking Sampler (Video)

Prophetic Soaking Sampler – 5 Hours of Prophetic Soaking with Prophet Russ Walden (Available as a digital download (on Sale $25.00) and in a 5 CD Set – visit 5 hours of prophetic soaking with Prophet Russ Walden accompanied by Grammy Award winner Dony McGuire on the piano. Enjoy an immersive prophetic encounter as you listen to “Deep Calls to Deep”. Lay hold on your miracle as you soak yourself in “Healing”. Ascend in worship and descend in warfare with “Power”. Activate your hearing as you listen to “The Voice of God”. Experience Jesus the Bridegroom with “Prophecies to … (click link or title to continue)

January 2014 War Room Prayer Event (Video)

Prayer isn’t begging or pleading – prayer is ruling and reigning. Every month Russ and Kitty Walden broadcast a WAR ROOM PRAYER EVENT sponsored by … join a network of people around the world in a powerful time of prayer.

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