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You are invited!  Prophetic Internship NOW OPEN   New Prophetic Activation Classes Begin August 13th! We want to invite you to activate the voice of God in your life. For those who have never taken a prophetic course before, or if you have taken courses and want to go deeper in the prophet – these online courses are for you!  Prophetic Activation (Course 1)   Advanced Prophetic Gifting (Course 2)  Prophetic Office (Course 3) On August 13th we start new rotations of all three of the Prophetic Courses we offer. The lessons with videos are web-based so you may work at … (click link or title to continue)

Can You Take NOW For an Answer? (New Downloadable PDF)

NEW DOWNLOAD at our Web Store: Can you take NOW for an Answer? The Kingdom of God is a NOW resource of entitlement and blessing in your life! Can you take now for an answer? Religion contaminates your faith with platitudes of unbelief. God doesn’t want you to “understand it better by and by” … He wants you to overcome and have breakthrough in your life NOW. In this powerful prophetic perspective on the Kingdom, Prophet Russ opens your understanding of what seek the kingdom means in a way that will have an immediate effect on your life and circumstance. … (click link or title to continue)

Prophetic Event – August 16th in Branson, Missouri

Precisely the Prophetic – The Sky Isn’t Falling the Kingdom is Coming! What else could possibly go right? You are invited to a Prophetic Gathering with Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden on 8/16/14 in Branson Missouri! (FREE event Registration Requested). Join us as we cast the vision for a new day and a new season. Personal prophecy will be available please bring your recording device. (An offering will be received). Register Here

Are You One in a Hundred?

ARE YOU ONE IN A HUNDRED? Do you appreciate the daily prophetic word? Partner with us! Every day we reach approximately 18,000 people. Since 2009 we have ministered to over 2.2 million people! Out of that we are privileged that just over 100 people partner with us with a monthly donation. Are you one in a hundred? We think you are — partner with us today! Click on the link below for more information.  Partnership Invitation Link (Here)

Prophetic Word Feedback: Falsely Accused of Murder – set FREE by the Word of the Lord!

FEEDBACK ON A RECENT PROPHETIC WORD: FALSLY ACCUSED OF MURDER – found INNOCENT by the Word of the Lord! What a testimony from a recent recipient of a personal prophetic word: “God Bless You Prophets Russ and Kitty .. I thank God for your ministry it is filled with miracles. You prayed for my aunt 6 months ago whose son was indicted for murder (which he did not commit he was just there when it happened) You prayed for his vindication and he was released last week without out a trial and found innocent. Thank you for your sacrifice in … (click link or title to continue)

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