Newtown Massacre: How Could God Let this Happen?

Could the Newtown Massacre been averted? Does God‘s word offer hope of protection from such tragedy? How could God allow this devastating loss? In the following message Prophet Russ Walden addresses these and others issues regarding the preservative grace of God in our lives. For a downloadable, PDF version of this message suitable for printing visit our MEDIA STORE HERE: 

Anticipating the Mayan Apocalypse (Video)

Is the Mayan calendar bogus? Before you dismiss it as another long line of failed doomsday predictions consider the fact that the Mayan prognosticators accurately predicted the date that Cortez would arrive on their shores. What does the bible say? What does prophetic insight reveal about 12/21/2012?

Baseline: 52 Week Basic Bible Study (VIDEO)

God is calling us to the deeps of His Spirit. Our passage to the trackless depths of God’s spirit requires first a grounding in the fundamentals of every day faith for the believer. Our new book “BASELINE: 52 Week Basic Bible Study” is a preview of our new book available at our online bookstore:

Face to Face with the Father: John the Revelator (VIDEO)

A groundbreaking work of prophetic fiction! This audio sample: John at Patmos. Purchase Face to Face with the Father at Face to Face with the Father is a chronicle of the men and women who saw the face of God and lived. In this work of Biblical fiction you will join men and women throughout the bible who experienced up close and personal encounters with God.

Thank You and Our Breakthrough Prayer for Your Life!

Giving thanks is always appropriate and particularly during the holidays. In this video Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden share a special message of appreciation and a breakthrough prayer for your life. God bless you! (Click on the image to launch the video)  

What are You Thankful For?

It is always TIME to be thankful but this is that special season to do so. Use the comment feature below and tell us: what are you thankful for. Be specific if possible (what has happened this year you are particularly thankful for?) What about the people in your life? Things God has done for you? Worries and fears that never materialized? What has the Father done for you that just sends your heart up like a rocket exploding with thanks and gratitude? Thanks for participating.

Pre-Election Prophetic Round Table: Final Session (VIDEO)

The conclusion of an October 2012 prophetic round table that predicted the outcome of the election, hurricane Sandy and gives insight into the coming days and years on the political and economic scene. God has a voice He will not leave you without answers or information important to your life. Get the news before the news. In this segment: (see the video below [if video embed fails to launch click on image at left]) Prophet Russ Walden:  Prophets without pedigree. – – God is bringing forth his unmitigated goodness. – – A day of doom yes but also as morning spread on … (click link or title to continue)

Pre-Election Prophetic Round Table Part 5: Compelled into the Harvest! (Video)

Events and happenings on the world scene alarm cause many to see a doom and gloom scenario ahead. In this video segment of a pre-election prophetic round table Prophet Russ Walden points out that this isn’t the devil getting the upper hand but rather God’s people being COMPELLED INTO THE HARVEST. Let the times we are in be an encouragement to bold exploits of faith to step up and fulfill your destiny. Enjoy the video: In the early days of the first century church there was a significant community of unified believers. Act 4:32-33 KJV – [32] And the multitude … (click link or title to continue)