Morning Light Bible Study

Morning Light – December 16th, 2014: Defeating a Controlling Spirit (Video)

Today: [Deuteronomy Chapter Three] Defeating a Controlling Spirit. In this chapter God sends the people to content for the area of land known as Bashan which is now the Golan Heights. Bashan means “a place of fruitfulness”. Bashan was held by the last of a race of giants whose name speaks of stubbornness and a spirit of control. If you are to come to your fruitful place you will encounter controlling spirits, willful people who will oppose you in the thing God has called you to do. In this chapter we learn how to war for our fruitful place and … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – December 12th, 2014: Exiting the Rough Place (Video)

Today: [Deuteronomy Chapter Two] Exiting the Rough Place. In this chapter Moses rehearses the journeyings of Israel as they leave Mount Seir. Seir means “rough place”. We have all done time here. If you are in a rough place the question looming in your mind is “how do I get out of here?” This chapter in Deuteronomy will show you the exit from the rough place into the spiritual geography where you avoid the distractions of the enemy and see the blessings of God come on you in a supernatural way.

Morning Light – December 11th, 2014: Believing the Good Report (Video)

Today: [Deuteronomy Chapter One] Believe the Good Report – and LIVE! In this chapter we introduce the book of Deuteronomy containing three final messages from the prophet Moses. The people are warned against listening to negative reports no matter who authoritative their source. There are many prestigious ministers who use their anointing from God to paint a dark picture of events in the earth. The positive message seems out of step with card carrying members of the “Deeper Life Club”. Israel made this mistake and it cost an entire generation their destiny. We must find the courage to believe the … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – December 10th, 2014: Retaining Your Inheritance (Video)

Today: [Numbers Chapter Thirty-Six] Retaining Your Inheritance. In this chapter a contingent of Joseph’s heirs inquire about a potential loss of inheritance and the Lord gives them justice. We see that God defends the generational well being of the people and also defends the rights of women, which is almost unheard of in ancient times. What is your inheritance? You may not be an inheritor in natural things of this world but you are an inheritor of God nonetheless. It is God’s heart that you receive and retain your inheritance.

Morning Light – December 9th, 2014: Cities of Refuge (Video)

Today: [Numbers Chapter Thirty-Five] Cities of Refuge. In this chapter God instructs Moses to establish cities of refuge where suspected man slayers could find protection from the avenger of blood. We are all guilty of the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. The city of refuge is a type of kingdom culture as God would have it – a community of believers without accusation or judgment toward one another, extending the mercy of God to the undeserving because we ourselves are undeserving of the mercy God has given to us.

Morning Light – December 8th, 2014: When God Backed the Word of an Angry Drunk (Video)

Today: [Numbers Chapter Thirty-Four] When God Backed the Word of an Angry Drunk. In this chapter God instructs Moses to appoint men to divide the land they are about to take from the Canaanites. Where did this appointment come from? The prophecy that the Israelites moved forward on originally came from Noah when he was drunk, angry and hung over in Genesis 9. We are too cavalier with our prophetic words. In this chapter we will see how 2.2 Million people hazarded their lives in expectation that the word of God through a man with a drinking problem would come … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – December 5th, 2014: Between Moves of God (Video)

Today: [Numbers Chapter Thirty-Three] Surviving Between Moves of God. In this chapter Moses recites the wilderness journeying of the children of Israel. These are called the “stations of the wilderness”. From Ramses to the plains of Moab the Lord led the children of Israel for forty years by the pillar of fire by night and the cloud by day. One would think this would be a holy and blessed time. Often however when they waited for the next transition rebellion would break out and suffering would come. While you are waiting for the next chapter of God’s leading in your … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – December 4th, 2014: Don’t Settle for Second Best (Video)

Today: [Numbers Chapter Thirty-Two] Don’t Settle for Second Best. In this chapter we find two tribes of Israel who decide they don’t want to go into Canaan land. They want to settle on “this side of Jordan”. God had an inheritance for them but circumstances and situations led them to believe they were better off just settling for second best. We often find ourselves in less than perfect situations – but because we are tired and frustrated we settle for second best and just want to quit trying. This is a deception. Life on any terms is filled with challenge … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – December 3rd, 2014: Defeating the Midianites in Your Life (Video)

Today: [Numbers Chapter Thirty-One] Defeating the Midianites in Your Life. In this chapter God instructs Moses to war against the Midianites who attempted to seduce Israel with idolatry in the wilderness of Zin. The Midianites worshipped Baal – whose name means dominative father. The name Midian means strife and contention. There is a time in your life to reject sources of strife and contention and to refuse to commit idolatry with those who think you need to submit yourself to heavy handed, dominating spiritual leadership. After defeating the Midianites the spoil was divided not only to the warriors but to … (click link or title to continue)