Morning Light Bible Study

Morning Light – Hebrews 12:  Looking to Jesus and Receiving the Chastening of the Lord

Source: Today: [Hebrews 12:] Looking to Jesus and Receiving the Chastening of the Lord. In Hebrews 12 we see that we are to follow Jesus as our example. The heroes of the Old or New Testament may look on, but we are not to follow them but follow after the example of Jesus who says that we will do His works and greater. If we are to do with works of Jesus, we must first receive the chastening of the Lord that aligns us with His heart and His mind? Do you believe this and is it thus evident … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – Hebrews 11:  Testimonies of a Lesser Covenant

Source: Today: [Hebrews 11:] Testimonies of a Lesser Covenant: In chapter 11 of Hebrews the writer gives us what is known as the Roll Call of the Faithful. These Old Testament heroes accomplished more under the lesser covenants of their dispensation than many of us have walked out under the better Covenant made available in Christ. What then is the message? That we are to look to Christ and not even these great worthy men and women, as our ultimate example. Listen Daily at [Heb 11:1-19 KJV] 1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – Hebrews 10:  Breaking the Endless Cycle

Source: Today: [Hebrews 10:] Breaking the Endless Cycle: In Hebrews 10 the writer insists that the sacrifice of Christ was never intended to serve only to feed into the believers endless experience of sinning and being forgiven. The work of redemption was a once and for all provision not just for forgiveness but for the transformation of our hearts that we might live out our lives as God-carriers reflecting His holy and perfect nature in our walk and testimony. Listen Daily at [Heb 10:1-20 KJV] 1 For the law having a shadow of good things to come, [and] … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – Hebrews 9:  The True Tabernacle in Heaven

Source: Today: [Hebrews 9:] The True Tabernacle in Heaven: In chapter 9 the writer of Hebrews insists that Moses tabernacle was only a replica of a true tabernacle and altar located in the heavens. The writer depicts Jesus during His passion and death taking His own blood to that altar and in so doing making open to you, and I entrance into the presence of God not by our own merits but on the basis of His sacrifice of Himself on our behalf. Listen Daily at [Heb 9:1-14 KJV] 1 Then verily the first [covenant] had also ordinances … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – Hebrews 8:  The Altar in Heaven

Source: Today: [Hebrews 8:] The Altar in Heaven: in this chapter, the writer of Hebrews reveals that there is an altar in heaven and a temple that Moses was shown when He received the law in the wilderness. The earthly tabernacle and priesthood was only a facsimile of an original altar in heaven whereupon Jesus as our high priest offers not the blood of bulls or goats but the pure sacrifice of Himself to cleanse us from sin and present us spotless in relationship to the Father. Listen Daily at [Heb 8:1-13 KJV] 1 Now of the things … (click link or title to continue)

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