Morning Light Bible Study

Morning Light – 1 Peter 4:  Suffering for God or Our Faults?

Source: Today: [1 Peter 4:] Suffering for God or Our Faults? In this chapter, Peter teaches on the difference between suffering according to the will of God and suffering for other reasons. Not all suffering constitutes something that God would choose for us to go through and it is important that we know the difference. Listen Daily at [1Pe 4:1-19 KJV] 1 Forasmuch then as Christ hath suffered for us in the flesh, arm yourselves likewise with the same mind: for he that hath suffered in the flesh hath ceased from sin; 2 That he no longer should … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – 1 Peter 3:  Does the Bible Teach that Women should Obey Men?

Source: Today: [1 Peter 3:] Does the Bible Teach that Women should Obey Men? In ch. 3 of 1 Peter the apostle writes at length describing how women should conduct themselves in marriage. The considerations Peter stipulates seem very antiquated for modern believers. Are these warnings outdated injunctions we are right to ignore or do they in any way advise us as to our conduct in the enlightened day we live in? Listen Daily at [1Pe 3:1-22 KJV] 1 Likewise, ye wives, [be] in subjection to your own husbands; that, if any obey not the word, they also … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – 1 Peter 2:  Should We Submit to Hostile Authorities?

Source: Today: [1 Peter 2:] Should We Submit to Hostile Authorities? In chapter 2 of 1 Peter the writer insists that mistreatment by those in authority is no exemption from our submission to them. He reminds us that Jesus patiently endured persecution and instructs that we do likewise. If you were to obey that mandate today what would you do or think differently than you did yesterday? Listen Daily at [1Pe 2:1-25 KJV] 1 Wherefore laying aside all malice, and all guile, and hypocrisies, and envies, and all evil speakings, 2 As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – 1 Peter 1:  What is Christian Purity?

Source: Today: [1 Peter 1:] What is Christian Purity? In our chapter, Peter comforts those who are experiencing upheaval in their lives. We are encouraged to remain faithful and pursue purity of heart and life in our walk with God. What is Christian purity or holiness? Is it just an old religious idea? Does God place any demand on our conduct or character and if so how do we measure that in terms of our commitment to Christ? Listen Daily at [1Pe 1:1-25 KJV] 1 Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ, to the strangers scattered throughout Pontus, Galatia, … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – James 5:  Patience and Answered Prayer

Source: Today: [James 5:] Patience and Answered Prayer. In this concluding chapter of James, the writer encourages us to exercise patience when facing difficult people and situations. People may disappoint us and even difficulties such as sickness and affliction challenge us, but God will come to us and deliver us as the rain comes to the earth as we walk in humility and accountability to the Father. Listen Daily at [Jas 5:1-20 KJV] 1 Go to now, [ye] rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon [you]. 2 Your riches are corrupted, and your … (click link or title to continue)

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