Morning Light Bible Study

Morning Light – June 12, 2014: The Inward Voice (Video)

[Exodus Chapter 8] How did God speak to Moses? Was it audible? Did He speak to Moses by an inward voice? Can we hear the voice of God in the same way today, and what are the implications of obedience when we do hear Him?

Morning Light – June11th, 2014: Impact of Blame on Your LIfe (Video)

[Exodus Chapter Seven] When Pharaoh blamed Moses for the troubles in Egypt – God made Moses a “god” to Pharaoh. This transaction has implications for our lives that we need to be aware of.

Morning Light – June 10th, 2014: Prevailing with Difficult People (Video)

[Exodus Chapter Six] God reveals His strategy for bringing difficult people in your circumstance into compliance with His plan for your life. Explore with us where free will meets the soveriegnty of God.

Morning Light – June 9th, 2014: Let My People Go (Video)

Today: [Exodus Chapter Five] Let My People Go. Understanding your dominion – confronting illegitimate authorities.

Morning Light – June 6th: Equipped to Confront Pharoah (Video)

[Exodus Chapter Four] Signs, miracles and wonders. Moses before Pharoah. God tells Moses he will be made as “God” before Pharoah. Does God still move by vindicating signs and wonders in our lives? How can we align ourselves with God’s purposes in such a way we see this level of glory in our lives?

Morning Light – June 5th: Burning Bush Experience (Video)

[Exodus Three] Have you had your burning bush experience? Does God manifest Himself today as He did to Moses in the wilderness? What are the implications for us if He does? How can we be sure not to miss OUR OWN PERSONAL visitation?

Morning Light – May 2nd: Recovering from Mistakes (Video)

Today: [Exodus Chapter Two] How do you recover from a drastic mistake? How do you avoid making one in the first place? Does God abandon you to your own devices when you get out of His will? Where is the path of progress when all seems lost?

Morning Light – May 1st: Thriving in the Midst of Change (Video)

Today: [Exodus Chapter One]. Do you know when change is at hand in your life? How do you respond to change? Do you allow yourself to be a victim? Or, do you take your authority and ride the chaos of change into the next assignment God has for you?

Morning Light – April 30th: When God Places Your Enemy at Your Disposal (Video)

Today: [Genesis Chapter Fifty]. When you walk in the kingdom of God there will be times that God will put your enemies in your hand. What you do at that moment will greatly determine your own destiny.