Daily Prophetic Word

The Father Says Today: July 27th, 2016

The Father says today let no man despise your youth. I am the Ancient of Days and I live on the inside of you. The wisdom that I have given you is not based on experience. The wisdom I have given you flows out of the anointing I have imparted to your life. You will teach things you don’t actually know, and you will affirm things you have yet to experience. You will step out of the atmosphere of My glory and make known to many the path of life that leads to life. Many that are out of the way and have been misdirected by the enemy will recover themselves through the gifting that I have placed upon your life. Receive this day the … (click link or title to continue)

The Father Says Today: July 26th, 2016

The Father says today you are not ignorant of the enemy’s devices. There is a discernment in you to know where your warfare lies. There is a discernment in you that identifies the pollution and contamination of the enemy that impedes My people, and has impeded you from moving forward at times in My plans, purposes and pursuits. Get your eyes off of the past, and turn your attention upon the promise that is inherent in your NOW season. My promise in your life is a NOW promise. My promise in your life brings cleansing and new beginning. Are you ready to begin anew? Then forswear the backward glance and open your eyes to the door that I have placed in front of you this … (click link or title to continue)

The Father Says Today: July 25th, 2016

The Father says today that I am calling you out of obscurity. I have not called you to be an obscurantist. I have called you into the main stream that you might touch many lives in My name. The enemy has worked over time to side line you and keep you out of touch with others. He has sought through difficult circumstances to desensitize you to the heart’s cry of many around you but I am changing all of that. What many have called a “prophetic” gifting is really a game the enemy has run on them to keep them bound by opinion and held captive by a judgmental and critical spirit. You have seen this operating in your own life at times, leaving you … (click link or title to continue)

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“…Thank you Russ and thank you Kitty. I’ve now listened to the prophetic word you sent me  TWICE. It’s phenomenal and perhaps the most complete and comprehensive word I’ve ever gotten. Thank you very much! When Derene got home we listened to it together. I’m going to have it transcribed…” – 10/20/2014.


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