Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 5.59.06 PM2 Chron. 20:20 says BELIEVE THE PROPHETS so shall you PROSPER. The breaker anointing is released through the prophetic word. In this prophetic word for July 2014 we speak to the Christ of God in you and destroy the illegitimate authority that seeks to impede your destiny.

The Father says today that I am taking you beyond occasional visitation to constantly abiding.  I am the vine says the Father you are the branches. I am vining Myself in you and branching Myself in you. As I am in the heavens so are you upon the earth. As I rule and reign in the heavens so you rule and reign upon the earth. I have established you NOW as kings and priests – put not that afar off says the Lord. My kingdom is NOW and My purpose is NOW and your position in eternity is a NOW reality. I authorize and commission you to put down all rule and enforce the victory of the cross in your life and the lives of those you encounter by My divine arrangement.

I have pruned away the unproductive relationships and connections that did not bring forth fruit unto righteousness. Every relationship that denies your entitlement in Christ I have brought to its terminus as an illegitimate authority in your life. Grieve not over those friendships that have waned and withered for this was by My hand for I am establishing Myself in you and establishing you in Myself – every vine, every relationship that does not establish and foster My potential in your life will go by the wayside as I take you onward and upward into the fullness of My purpose that I have destined for you in this life.



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  • lindiwe says:

    Amen I believe and receive this word in my life and family

  • Cheryl Priest says:

    What an awesome God we serve. What a privilege to be called His own. There are just not words enough to praise Him as He deserves to be praised. The personal prophetic word He gave my husband and I was confirming and invigorating and I just can’t say thank-you enough to you and mostly to Him. God bless you with laughter in these days!!!!! Cheryl

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