DSC01501A Brother wrote in asking for prayer concerning desperate health and financial situations. Many of you face the same challenges so I am sharing with you what I gave to him:

“Hello (brother)… we are praying for you and your spouse … exhaustion is often what I have learned is a Python spirit. Pythons attack when we slow down, hesitate, falter in different areas of our lives in terms of seeking the kingdom. Pray into that. Regarding your financial situation when I face this I do several things:

1. Fast – fasting creates a Matt. 18 agreement between body and spirit. Things breakthrough Fast for a whole day or three days if you can – beyond that usually isn’t necessary (food only go ahead and drink water.)

2. Identify and Liquidate your surplus. Itemize all your personal property. Give away to the poor everything that isn’t nailed down or is surplus to your daily use / needs. He that gives to the poor makes a loan to the Lord and God always pays His honest debts (Proverbs 19:17). What you make happen for others God will make happen for you.

3. Give out of your deep poverty (Mark 12:41-44). There is a treasury Jesus is looking into waiting on your gift. The widow cast in ALL her living. Wow. This is the gift you give that you say “that better be God if not I’m in trouble…” This brings breakthrough. (Here is the place where I ask for your CREDIT CARD, right? – No you HAVE TO GET IT FROM GOD where to give this gift – it may be us it may be someone else but ACT NOW). You are GOING where you are GIVING. Find and give into the treasury of a people who are realizing a greater vision than you are at this present time.

If these things don’t / won’t work for you then God’s word is a lie and you can drop your bible in the trash bin. You aren’t waiting on God. Don’t hesitate. God’s response to you is measured by the timing and quality of your response to Him.

None of this is theory. I was MUCH WORSE OFF than you are now when I got it from the Father and did these things. We were catapulted into a place of blessing, provision and favor beyond all our expectations. God always tells me THINGS ARE THE WAY THEY ARE BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU ARE DOING. If you WANT SOMETHING DIFFERENT you must DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. I know you are a person of faith … BE BOLD!

Desperation Breakthrough NOW Donation

Desperation Breakthrough NOW Donation

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