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Morning Light – October 26th, 2016:  Changing the Narrative that Drives Your Life

Morning Light – October 26th, 2016 Today: [Proverbs 15] Changing the Narrative that Drives Your Life. In Proverbs 15 Solomon speaks of the narratives that drive our life. When anger, strife and content abound in our circumstances, Solomon points the way to change. The words of our mouth are often like firebrands that ignite the dry tinder of our experiences. When the character of our conversation changes the sweetness of God will follow as the predictor of what happens next in our life. This is the power of words and the power of the meditations of our heart that Solomon … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – October 25th, 2016:  Building the House of Wisdom

Morning Light – October 25th, 2016 Today: [Proverbs 14] Building the House of Wisdom. Jesus compared believers to those who built a house. Proverbs 14 speaks of a wise woman (a metaphor of the soul) who builds her house, while the foolish woman tears it down with her hands. Are you one who takes matters into your own hands? Does that ever create problems for you? In Proverbs 14 we find Solomon cautioning his son to put his trust not in his own ability to defend or champion his own rights but rather to trust in God and know that … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – October 21st, 2016:  Mother’s Milk and Father’s Instruction

Morning Light – October 21st, 2016 Today: [Proverbs 13] Mother’s Milk and Father’s Instruction. In Proverbs 13 we see an emphasis of Solomon on the instruction of our heavenly Father. Solomon declares the absolute importance in this chapter of hearing our Father’s instruction and the awful consequences of lightly esteeming the voice of God in our lives. Our love for God and love for His word is the only true inheritance that we will leave our loved ones after we are gone. To instill and love for God and love for His word is our greatest gift to those that … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – October 20th, 2016: Hitting a Grand Slam in God!

Morning Light – October 20th, 2016 Source: http://ift.tt/2dqgYae Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden share in a conference at Edmonton, AB hosted by Pastors Darcy and Miranda Bourque. The message is a tag team word with Kitty speaking on “Hitting a Grand Slam in God” and Russ sharing on “God’s Process and Outcome”.

Morning Light – October 19th, 2016:   Are You Correctable?

Morning Light – October 19th, 2016 Today: [Proverbs 12] Are You Correctable? In Proverbs 12 Solomon teaches on the place and purpose of correction in our lives. Are you correctible? Who has permission to correct or rebuke you? What is to be your response when someone comes to you and goes so far as to rebuke or reprove your actions? Is there any place in the culture of the kingdom for reproof and is there is how do we go about making ourselves open in heart to God centered, Holy Spirit originated reproof? [Pro 12:1-28 KJV] 1 Whoso loveth instruction … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – October 18th, 2016:  The Lord Loves Just Weights and Measures

Morning Light – October 18th, 2016 Today: [Proverbs 11] The Lord Loves Just Weights and Measures. Chapter 11 of Proverbs opens with an exhortation regarding just weights and measures. This applies to more than just being honest in a business transaction. We make judgments every day according to standards that are chosen by us for various reasons and motivation. By what standard are we to judge ourselves? Do we judge others by the same and equal standard that we judge ourselves? Do we excuse in those close to us that which we condemn in strangers? In this chapter of Proverbs … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – October 12th, 2016:  The Glad Heart of God

Morning Light – October 12th, 2016 Today: [Proverbs 10] The Glad Heart of God. In Proverbs 10 we find the first of many proceeding chapters containing unrelated wisdom sayings. Each saying presents the path of foolishness and the path of wisdom. Then the results are examined and the encouragement given to the reader to choose the path of wisdom. As verse 1 says, a wise son makes a glad Father. This speaks to us of our relationship to Father God. As we make decisions based on wisdom, discernment and the leadership of the Holy Spirit our lives are improved and … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – October 11th, 2016:  The 7 Pillars of God’s Wisdom

Morning Light – October 11th, 2016 Today: [Proverbs 9] The 7 Pillars of God’s Wisdom. In Proverbs 9 Solomon speaks of the 7 Pillars of God’s wisdom. Ancient mystics long sought after what Solomon hid in a metaphor in Proverbs chapter 9. For us when we allow the scripture to interpret scripture we encounter and deep understanding of the 7 Pillars of God’s wisdom and our pursuit of them to bring us into the very house of God and see it established in our lives in a radical way. [Pro 9:1-18 KJV] 1 Wisdom hath builded her house, she hath … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – October 10th, 2016:  The Pre-Existence of Wisdom

Morning Light – October 10th, 2016 Today: [Proverbs 8] The Pre-Existence of Wisdom. Proverbs chapter 8 puts for a poem of sorts that personifies wisdom as a woman. Gnostic influences take this passage and humanize wisdom as the lady Sophia. Watchtower adherents use this passage to show (in their view) that Jesus is not God and that Christ is a created being not part of the god-head. Proverbs 8 is one of the most discussed and even debated passages in the book of Proverbs and even the Old Testament itself because it touches on theological issues of deep import. The … (click link or title to continue)