Quite frequently prophecy recipients write back asking us to explain their prophetic words.  There are two great mistakes prophets make regarding the words they give:

1. They try to interpret their own prophecies and tell people what they must do regarding them.

2. They don’t believe their own prophecies.

Remember that the prophet is like the mail man. It is his job to bring you the envelope with your address on it. What is in that envelope is none of his business. You must review the prophetic words given and take them to the Father for further direction.

Below is the text of a response we gave recently to someone with questions about their prophetic word. We thought you would find it helpful.

Thank you for your kind response. I see you have questions regarding various things given you in prophecy from our team here at Heartland Prophetic Council. One of the great mistakes prophets make is to interpret what they prophesy, or to tell someone how a prophecy will be fulfilled. The Father knows how you will respond to what He tells you through us or by some other means. That response within you will lead to the fulfillment of what the Father has said to you prophetically.

Remember that prophecies are not “black and white”, that is to say, engraved in stone with only one possible fulfillment. Prophecies are multiple choice. You are the determining factor. You have a role in the fulfillment of your prophecy. Did you know God’s will for you is multiple choice? Read the following verse:

Rom 12:2    And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what [is] that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Notice that there is the “good”, the “perfect” and the “acceptable” will of God. This is what Jesus spoke of in Luke chapter 8 in the parable of the sower. Even good ground doesn’t all bring forth the same yield. There is a 30 fold level, a 60 fold yield, and a 100 fold realm. So it is with the will of God in your life.

When you receive a prophecy, it is likened to going to the eye doctor. He uses a device called a “phoropter” to determine a prescription for correcting your eyesight. By having you look through various lenses, he asks you: “does it look better like this? Or like this?” By choosing different lenses in combination he finds the prescription that gives you the vision you need.

Prophecy works just like that. The Father sends a prophetic word to you and gauges your response. Then he will refine that word through another prophet, or a dream or vision. He allows you to see what His “good”, “perfect” or “acceptable” will looks like in your life. And he asks, “do you prefer this…. or this…” And based on your response he write the prescription for your life.

Understand that getting the prescription is not enough. The lenses have to be ground and set into a pair of frames. So it is with prophecy. You have the Father’s prescription for your life. But there is a grinding and polishing process. Through much tribulation we enter the Kingdom of God. And even then you aren’t through. You actually have to wear the glasses or they do you no good.

As Paul told Timothy you have to “war” with the prophetic word, in faith, in prayer and inquiry.

The questions you have asked must be answered by the Christ in you. Paul said in Colossian 1:27 that “Christ in you is the Hope of Glory”. There is a point in your walk with God that only the Christ in you can lead you and guide you to. If He isn’t enough then you have to pursue a deeper experience with Him. Sometimes prophecies you receive are totally given by the Father to achieve that very end: pursuing a deeper walk with Him.

So we bless you and pray with you that the Father on the inside of you will rise up and lead you to all the answers for the questions you have presented. He will guide you and lead you with His peace and His still small voice.

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  • vanessa says:

    Thanks You for this insight. God will lead us and guide us once we have that deeper intimacy with him.He guides us through the holy spirit.

  • NOAH SEKU says:


  • Leisa Coburn says:

    This was a good teaching/word about how to war with our prophetic words and that they are multiple choice! Very helpful. Shared this with my Wildfire group of people(we all follow Kim and share your word of the day as well on our site) tonight. We are currently a group of 262 people who love the Lord. Thanks for this teaching!!!

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