Open the floodgates of heaven…. did you know that the official in charge of a floodgate is often called a “lockmaster” or a “lock tender”? That is what an apostle is. He is the one God uses to open the floodgates of God in your life, your group, your church, your city or region.

Sometimes these are locks to let ships through – the lock tender or lockmaster deals differently with pleasure craft than commercial craft. Why are you wanting to see the floodgates opened of God’s spirit? For personal reasons or are you on business for the king? Floodgates are designed, certified and supervised by engineers.

I have heard it said that the apostles are “engineers”. They are trustworthy, dependable and detail oriented. Apostles in the flesh engineer fleshly things. Apostles in the spirit engineer spiritual things. Who is the apostle in your life? What projects and initiatives has he connected you to? Is it fleshly or spiritual? Prophets in the flesh become wizards. Apostles in the flesh become sorcerers.

True apostles are foundation layers. They are initiators. They “go in” when everyone else wants to “duck”. They show up where there is little infrastructure for spiritual earthworks and they alter the landscape in the spirit to bring in the hydrodynamics of the flow of God’s spirit into a group, an area and dare I say a nation.

Are you an apostle? Then be one. Who is your apostle? If you don’t know then you don’t have one. (Many say they are apostles but their works (or lack of works) betray them. True apostles are unmistakable. Not an apostle? Then attach yourself to one and help him/her do what God has called him to do. One more thing. True apostles have absolutely no use for an audience. They are raising up armies. If passively observing is your thing you will never have the patience with an apostle whose first action will be to dynamite you out of the pew and into the work of the kingdom.

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