Breakthrough Prophetic Word for October 2017

Breakthrough Prophetic Words
Breakthrough Prophetic Word for October 2017

Breakthrough Prophetic Word for October 2017 2 Chron. 20:20 says BELIEVE THE PROPHETS so shall you PROSPER. The breaker anointing is released through the prophetic word. In this prophetic word for October 2017 a word of governance from on high is spoken into your life. TRANSCRIPTION: “The Father says today set the trumpet to your mouth. What I have whispered to you in secret, let it be shouted from the rooftop – even the roof of your mouth. This day I call you to the company of men who choose to speak with one voice and echo the sweet refrains … (click link or title to continue)

The Father Says Today: October 22nd, 2017

The Father says today, I am taking you deeper.  You’ve asked for a deeper relationship, and it is available and accessible as you relinquish your understanding of things, and prepare to step into freefall in My deeps. Do not fear, says the Father, as I strip away the familiar, and begin to retrain you regarding what you thought you knew about walking with Me. This is all about letting the shorelines go, and venturing out into the trackless billows of My purposes. At times, you will be surrounded with those of like mind and other times you will find yourself … (click link or title to continue)

Is Prophetic Counseling For You?

Is Prophetic Counseling For You? Read this Powerful Feedback: We love to share feedback from individuals who have been impacted by the power of the prophetic! One of the ministries our teams do at Father’s Heart Ministry is Prophetic Counseling. Prophetic counseling is an in depth prophetic experience. These sessions are conducted over the phone and you can schedule from our online calendar at your convenience. On one of our feedback forums recently, a business woman (Shelby W.) gave a very powerful testimony of the impact prophetic counseling has had in her life. It is worth sharing, and after reading … (click link or title to continue)

The Father Says Today: October 21st, 2017

The Father says today, be an intercessor of joy. When others see nothing but negativity and damnation let your focus be upon My mercy that is poured out in a day of judgment. Come to Me in simplicity and come to Me in honesty and transparency. Cry out to Me and know that My face is turned to hear and My hand is disposed to respond when you call to Me out of a pure and a chaste heart. Let your prayers and the content of your prayers be attentive upon who I am and what I have promised and … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – October 20, 2017 – Hosea 09: When New Wine Fails

Morning Light – Hosea 09 Today: [Hosea 9] When New Wine Fails. Hosea 9 is a rebuke from heaven given during the time of the feast of Tabernacles. This was a season when rejoicing and solemn high and holy days were to be observed, but instead the nation is in upheaval and the people are suffering under the threat of Assyrian invasion. For all their cry to heaven for deliverance, the prophet Hosea declares that this scourge of suffering is brought about by the idolatrous ways of an unfaithful people, for all their protestations of fidelity to God. Streaming live … (click link or title to continue)

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Special Bonus Free Gift: 6 Videos from the “2017 Come Up Higher Tour”! Welcome to Giving Day! Remember to retrieve your FREE gift below. We have a first for you today – a selection of 6 videos from the recent “Come Up Higher Tour” with Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden. These sessions were recorded in Sterling, VA at Revival Embassy with hosts Ricardo and Kerry-Lee Watson. Prophet Russ ministers under a heaven anointing accompanied by awesome worship that will touch your heart. Enjoy our free gift to you and then scroll down to Give into the Glory! Click on the … (click link or title to continue)

The Father Says Today: October 20th, 2017

The Father says today, this is a freeing time for you. There are things that have held you back and held you in intimidation that are being eliminated in this time. I am coming in and I am doing the work inside of you that is going to cause great freedom and great boldness to arise up in you. You have connected with My wisdom when you needed it and you know you heard from Me – oftentimes people have tried to stomp on that and tried to override you with unfairness and scorn. They said they knew better and … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – October 20th, 2017 – Hosea 08:  Go to the Church of Your Choice?

Morning Light – Hosea 08 Today: [Hosea 8] Go to the Church of Your Choice? In Hosea 8 the northern 10 tribes of Israel are warned against living their lives without seeking God’s choices in their worship and in their leaders, that were set over them. Because they had refused to seek God’s will there a unavoidable consequences forthcoming. This for us is a caution to remember that we are not left in life to make our own choices however we will, but are commanded to seek God’s mind in all things pertaining to our lives, however challenging or inconvenient … (click link or title to continue)

The Father Says Today: October 19th, 2017

The Father says today, trust Me for the outcome. Relinquish all to Me. I am the hero. I am the one in control. You wanted to be in control, but the problem is you don’t have all the facts. If I gave you what you think you need, your world would be so much less than what I have intended. Trust Me, says the Father. Trust My intentionality. Know that I am willing and know that I am working. I am bringing about highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled in your life. What you are incapable of doing I … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – October 18th, 2017 – Hosea 07:  When God Would Have Healed – and Did Not

Morning Light – Hosea 07 Today: [Hosea 7] When God Would Have Healed – and Did Not. In chapter 7 of Hosea the prophet continues to plead with the northern kingdom of Israel to put their trust solely in God. There were various issues within the nation and also threatening without that caused them to clamor for answers, but unfortunately they looked to man instead of trusting in God in spite of His willingness to heal and deliver them in their difficulties. Streaming live daily at: [Hos 7:1-16 KJV] 1 When I would have healed Israel, then the iniquity … (click link or title to continue)