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Morning Light – 1 Thessalonians 2:  Keeping Focus in the Midst of Criticism

Source: Today: [1 Thessalonians 2:] Keeping Focus in the Midst of Criticism. If you ever intend to do anything more than march in place till Jesus comes, you will get criticized. In 1 Thess. 2 Paul communicates with a group of people who witnessed horrible mistreatment and slander against him because of his ministry. How he responded is an example for us to follow when we are handled deceitfully by those who think they are doing God a favor for doing so. Listen Daily at [1Th 2:1-20 KJV] 1 For yourselves, brethren, know our entrance in unto you, … (click link or title to continue)

The Father Says Today: January 2nd, 2019

The Father says today, listen for My voice that speaks in the silence between your thoughts. Day unto day utters speech and night unto night reveals My knowledge. My voice in the day speaks wisdom to instruct you regarding what comes next and how you should conduct yourself in the midst of the challenge. In the night seasons, I address those areas of your life that are stagnant and in need of correction. Be open to hearing My voice whenever I choose to speak and however I choose to make Myself known to you. Anything that makes you do a … (click link or title to continue)

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