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Learn the Seven Levels of Prophetic Office: (Video)

Are You Called to be a Prophet? In this video Prophet Russ Walden introduces Course 4 of the Online Prophetic School – teaching the Seven Levels of Prophetic Office. Are you called to be a Prophet? Are you crazy? That’s what many will tell you. There are many churches and ministries who completely reject the very anointing that you feel moving upon your life. You know the persistent fire of God in your belly will not be denied. What can you do to responsibly and with maturity move toward the calling of God and the mantle of God in your … (click link or title to continue)

The Father Says Today: May 5th, 2018

The Father says today, that love never fails. A step out of love is a step into failure, why would you ever go that way? Give yourself over to the cry of the hearts of those around you. Refuse to look the other way as though you did not see. Never turn aside from those that are wounded and bleeding in the byways of life. Look at them full on and let your compassion rule the response you show toward them. Love them. Love them with depth and sincerity. Love them in practical ways. Love them past their belligerence and … (click link or title to continue)

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