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Morning Light – September 12th, 2017 – Ezekiel 45:  Just Civil Principles Under Theocratic Rule

Morning Light – Ezekiel 45 Today: [Ezekiel 45] Just Civil Principles Under Theocratic Rule. Have you ever wondered God’s heart is toward the issue of taxes and the character of local or national government? In chapter 45 Ezekiel receives very exact instructions about the layout of the land, the specific areas to be set aside for each municipality, and how much the princes of the land were allowed to exact upon the people in taxation and other responsibility. In this we see an exact percentage specified by God himself that government is allowed under a just administration to extract from … (click link or title to continue)

The Father Says Today: September 12th, 2017

The Father says today, I am not the taker, I am the giver. There is a paradigm shift coming in the world supplanting guilt consciousness with sonship awareness. Begin to think like a son. Begin to presume upon the entitlement that was purchased for you in the shed blood of Calvary. There is no need to strive fearfully to preserve natural life or livelihood when the eternality of My Spirit is in you causing extension of life and fullness of blessing every moment, every year of your sojourn in this existence. As I promised in My Word, My peoples lives … (click link or title to continue)