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The Father Says Today: September 30th, 2017

The Father says today, I have made you for the high places. I have made your feet like hind’s feet that you might scale the heights of My goodness and see My glory made manifest in the lives of men. The mire of despondency is not a path that I have chosen for you. Let your heart find joy even in the midst of challenge, for My hand is working. When the enemy does his worst, I will do My best. When the enemy does his worst and I do My best, what do you think the outcome will be? … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – September 29th, 2017 – Daniel 06:  The Lion’s Go Hungry

Morning Light – Daniel 06 Today: [Daniel 06] The Lion’s Go Hungry. In this chapter we see a new king over the empire who favors Daniel just as Nebuchadnezzar did previously. Because of this great favor of God on Daniel’s life, a conspiracy is formed that results in Daniel being thrown into a den of hungry lions, that he might die. In your life, you also will face persecution and pressure from those who hate the God you serve. Know that as the angel was present to deliver Daniel likewise there is deliverance for you in your situation. Streaming live … (click link or title to continue)

Free Giving Day Download: “Lessons from the Juniper Tree”

Free Gift: “Lessons From the Juniper Tree” (a POWERFUL Encouragement!)   Welcome to Giving Day! Remember to retrieve your FREE gift below.  Your FREE Gift this week is a message prophet Russ from the “Come Up Higher Tour”. Are you discouraged? Do you feel like you can’t go on? We have a powerful message of encouragement for you titled: Lessons from the Juniper Tree (PDF – Link Here). This word straight from heaven will bring the wind of God under your wings! It is our gift to you this week.     Lessons from the Juniper Tree (PDF – Link Here) Friday is Also … (click link or title to continue)

The Father Says Today: September 29th, 2017

The Father says today, go and sin no more. Those that are throwing stones of offense your way are only authenticating their own guilty hearts. Forgive them. Love them. Move on. You will never convince the gainsayers of this world and there is no need to try to convince them. They are the congregation of the uninformed. They are My responsibility and not yours. Set your face toward My courts and My pavilions and let the past be the past. Don’t look back. Don’t look back to the things that are behind you but look to the things that are … (click link or title to continue)

Morning Light – September 28th, 2017 – Daniel 5:  The Handwriting on the Wall

Morning Light – Daniel 5 Today: [Daniel 05] The Handwriting on the Wall. In chapter 5 of Daniel, Nebuchadnezzar’s son takes the throne in his father’s place. He holds a celebration and drinks wine from the sacred cups of the temple of Solomon. As a result, the hand of an angel appears and writes a riddle of judgment against the king and his empire falls in one night’s time. A sobering end to all kingdoms who defy and seek to exclude from their hearts the living God. Streaming live daily at: [Dan 5:1-31 KJV] 1 Belshazzar the king made … (click link or title to continue)

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