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Archive for August 15th, 2017

Morning Light – August 15th, 2017 – Ezekiel 25:  Are You an Ammonite?

Morning Light – Ezekiel 25 Today: [Ezekiel 25] Are You an Ammonite? In this chapter, Ezekiel prophesies against the Ammonites, Moabites, Edom and the Philistines. We have to remember that for us, this is more than biblical history. Each one of these nations represents an attitude, a posture or an inner stronghold that can influence our lives. As we see the judgment of God against these ancient enemies of Judah they are a caution to us not to find anything in our lives compatible to what they represent. Streaming live daily at: http://bit.ly/2luPMYU [Eze 25:1-17 KJV] 1 The word of … (click link or title to continue)

The Father Says Today: August 15th, 2017

The Father says today, come into My image. SEE TO IT that conformity to the image of Christ is your TOP PRIORITY. Purpose in your heart that there will be NO UNCONTESTED GROUND in your heart that the enemy can access. Embrace the testing THIS DAY and THIS HOUR that will bring you into the NEXT DAY and the NEXT HOUR that is dawning on the earth. Stop pushing the crumbs of yesterday’s wormy manna around your plate. Go out into the unknown ground of THIS DAY and find THIS DAY’S MANNA. Be obedient and be willing because when you … (click link or title to continue)