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Morning Light – August 11th, 2017 – Ezekiel 23:  Jerusalem and Samaria – Sisters in Harlotry

Morning Light – Ezekiel 23 Today: [Ezekiel 23] Jerusalem and Samaria – Sisters in Harlotry. In this chapter Ezekiel receives the word of the Lord that equates the holy city with the polluted, sinful and now destroyed city of Samaria in the north, because the people of God have sinned after the example of the 10 vanquished tribes of Israel, now destroyed and led away captive. This wasn’t how they viewed themselves, therefore God declares their position before Him through Ezekiel. In reading this chapter we can only put ourselves in their place, would we be capable of the transparency … (click link or title to continue)

Friday is Giving Day! Download Your Free Gift (08-11-2017)

Friday is Giving Day – See Below to Retrieve Your Free Gift: Have you ever been disappointed in a “prophetic word” someone gave you? Have you received a prophetic word but aren’t sure what to do next? Today’s free gift is a PDF teaching that will help you immensely! Fridays are a special day for Father’s Heart Ministry! First – please receive our gift for you today at the following download link, an empowering message titled: How to Properly Receive a Word from God (PDF) Friday is also a day that we invite you today to do 3 things: 1. … (click link or title to continue)

The Father Says Today: August 11th, 2017

The Father says today, rise up and begin to MILITATE in My name! I am opening doors. I am opening doors to you where others have only seen blank walls with no way in to the conquest that I have promised. You are well able, says the Father. My truth and My kingdom is penetrating government and penetrating economics on a global scale. I have made you fit for the fight, that you might take ground for Me where others have yielded and given up the territory that I gave them for this hour and this time. Others say it … (click link or title to continue)