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Archive for July 1st, 2017

Breakthrough Prophetic Word for July 2017

Breakthrough Prophetic Words
Breakthrough Prophetic Word for July 2017

From Prophet Russ Walden: 2 Chron. 20:20 says BELIEVE THE PROPHETS so shall you PROSPER. The breaker anointing is released through the prophetic word. Below you will find the video and transcript for July 2017: Click HERE to Give Into the Anointing! TRANSCRIPTION: “The Father says today that I have not called you to endless struggle. Walking in the kingdom was never intended to be characterized by reeling from one crisis to the next. My hand is upon you. I have promoted you. Whether anyone else understands the gifting I have invested in you – let your heart come into agreement with … (click link or title to continue)

The Father Says Today: July 1st, 2017

The Father says today you are My battle axe and weapon of war.  When I want to win a battle, I will put you at the forefront! Not because I am putting you at risk but because I created you with a warrior spirit willing to fight the good fight. The good fight IS the good fight because it is the one you win. I have made you a conqueror. That is who you ARE not just something I do for you. When you stand with Me, says the Father, we constitute a superior force no matter what comes after or … (click link or title to continue)