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Archive for May 2nd, 2017

Morning Light – May 2nd, 2017 – Jeremiah 11:  Is Repentance Necessary?

Morning Light – Jeremiah 11 Today: [Jeremiah 11] Is Repentance Necessary? In Jeremiah 11 we find the prophet declaring the people excluded from the favor of God because of disobedience. They had generationally drifted from the pure worship of Jehovah in to widespread idolatry and external dependencies. What about today? A demand of obedience implies the existence of an expectation upon our lives on God’s part toward us. What does obedience look like in the New Testament? Is the only requirement to simply be sincere in our love for God or are there specific expectations that dictate a turn (repentance) … (click link or title to continue)

The Father Says Today: May 2nd, 2017

The Father says today, you are bought with a price. You are precious in My sight. No longer are you to immerse yourself in crippling and profound self-doubt. There is no reason for doubt. No reason to doubt Me – and no reason to doubt yourself because I live IN YOU. Doubt and unbelief are the vacuum that exists in the absence of faith. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by My word. Doubt deafens spiritual hearing. Religious density amplifies doubt and waters down the truth of My word. The truth of the Greater One dwells in you. The truth … (click link or title to continue)