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Archive for April 12th, 2017

Morning Light – April 12th, 2017 – Isaiah 63:  The Need of a Savior

Morning Light – Isaiah 63 Today: [Isaiah 63] The Need of a Savior. In this chapter, we find the fury of God poured out upon a disobedient people. In the midst of this there is mention of the mercy and pity of God that is available, but unappropriated because man chooses his own way in lieu of submitting to the Father’s origination of salvation through the cross. Why did (why does) God judge? Is He a megalomaniacal despot gleefully raining consequences down upon defenseless men who cannot escape? Is God insane? Modern thinking would suggest that this would be the … (click link or title to continue)

The Father Says Today: April 12th, 2017

The Father says today, I give you access to all that heaven affords. In the heavens, you will find laid up in store every resource, every strategy and promise that My word makes available through the work of the cross. I haven’t called you to achieve by human effort. I do not need your help, but I do require your cooperation. I am the one who comes alongside of you in the midst of your effort and adds My nature and character to decide the outcome. Your outcome is not defined on human terms by what man says, but your … (click link or title to continue)