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Archive for March 8th, 2017

Morning Light – March 8th, 2017 – Isaiah 42:  The Compulsory Rule of Christ

Morning Light – Isaiah 42 Today: [Isaiah 42] The Compulsory Rule of Christ. In this chapter, Isaiah speaks of the Messiah who comes at first as a suffering savior, only to return as the lion of the tribe of Judah. Because the Jews could only see the ruling king they rejected Jesus because He came as the lamb slain from the foundation of the world. Isaiah goes on to describe the day that every knee will bow and every tongue confess among the nations that Jesus is Lord. God will not be silent forever. There will come a day that … (click link or title to continue)

The Father Says Today: March 8th, 2017

The Father says today, your life over the next five years is going to be anything but boring.  You are a person not interested in marching in place in your walk with Me. You have no interest in just treading the waters of religion waiting on death or the rapture to take you. The Father says, I have put an adventurous spirit on the inside of you because I have assignments ahead that will require courage and a new level of obedience to walk in. In the next 5 years, you will see 3 very distinct shifts in the status quo … (click link or title to continue)