crossx200In the last year Father’s Heart Ministry hosted 1,000,000 visits to our website, traveled to 66 cities and prophesied to a television audience of 30,000,000.

In the coming year we are planning to travel internationally as last years assignment (the Jericho Drive) becomes the GLOBAL PROPHETIC INITIATIVE. This website ( is our missions base for prophetic evangelism. ( is church home with over 2000 guests and members frequenting our services there weekly.

On our 300+ gospel videos have been viewed by half a million viewers for a total of 3 Million viewer hours. We have broadcast live via uStream twice a month for over a year with the monthly live events and monthly War Room Prayer Events. 

In addition we have fielded 29,000 requests for prophetic ministry, 1700 requests for prophetic counseling, 2700 prayer requests, 1500 dream interpretations, released 900+ daily prophetic words, trained 600 prophetic interns, and received in the last year 400 invitations to travel around the world to preach the gospel. Kitty and Russ and done their best to respond to all these ministry opportunities working with only one employee and a few volunteer helpers. If you are looking for a fruitful field to invest your finances for kingdom returns we invited you to consider partnering with Father’s Heart Ministry.

Beginning in 2014 God has tasked Russ and Kitty with raising up 1000 people to prophetic office. Additionally the Father has assigned us to raise up a 6000 member Ecclessia with the specific intent to release a signs and wonders ministry that the world cannot ignore and the church cannot marginalize.

We thank you for being a part. We thank our partners. There are approximately 100 people who have partnered with us financially with their regular monthly donations. We believe these partners are receiving the “prophet’s reward” for the ministry they have made possible. We are so grateful. We believe this is good seed in good ground.

We invite you to partner with us as well using the partner opportunities on our donation page. If you need a church home we are dedicated to pastoring you prophetically through (link). We encourage you to avail yourself of all the resources available here.

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